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Listen to your network stored music collection as if it was all on your phone!Enjoy music right away, no complicated setup required. Samba Player works with shared folders from Windows, Linux, Mac, home routers, media players, network drives (NAS) or any network device that can share folders. – works over WiFi, Ethernet or even in Hotspot mode. – can also play files from the device’s memory or external sdcard – music formats: MP3, MP4 audio (m4a), Ogg Vorbis (ogg) and FLAC (on Android 3.1+) – indexes your music collection for fast browsing without the lag of the network. – smart streaming lets you enjoy your music better on slow networks – download the playlist with one click and listen to it on the go! – edit, shuffle and repeat your playlist – supports Bluetooth AVRCP metadata, album art and media controls on accessories, car stereos and Android WearSamba Player is still undergoing development, please email the developers for any issues! 3Cats want you to be a happy listener!Please support 3Cats Software by rating this app if you like it!


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