Automobilista 2 V1.0.5.0 RELEASED!


Release Promo – Temporary free access to the Nurburgring track!
With the Nordschleife and 24h layouts not quite ready for this release, we have elected to temporarily offer the other modern Nurburgring layouts FREE to all users until the long layouts are added to the package at some point next week.

Please be advised that upon the addition of the Nordschleife & 24h layouts, all Nurburgring versions will revert to being available only for owners of the DLC or packages that include it.

Updated Force Feedback
This update adds fresh Force Feedback developments, the most significant being:

– Damping now adjustable via in-game FFB menu *
– Enhanced tyre flatspots **
– Enhanced feedback during braking
– Enhanced road feel (adjustable via FX slider) ***
– Improved scrub effect (adjustable via FX slider)
– Effectively eliminated FFB “deadzone” around center in some cars
– Improved gyro moment accuracy
– Now using SETA patch offset/deformation for mechanical trail (much more “organic” feel on edge of grip)
– Tyre temperature and pressure will affect feedback
– More distinctive oversteer / understeer feedback

* We recommend using damping in game vs on wheel setting. Damping in game scales with vehicle, so roughly same level for all cars. On wheel / driver damping doesn’t scale with wheel gain, so if you have gain too low, damping will overwhelm FFB signal.

** flatspots are currently presented in “raw” form. Given tire is split into many small patches, you will receive “impulses” as there are “flat patches” on tire. It depends on amount of wear on individual patch. Hence the note “raw signal”.

*** Road feel is based on physical surface mesh roughness / bumps – which on real vehicles would be “fed back” to the driver via vibration “travelling” thru chassis and as a result will be felt on steering rim especially cars and race cars that have racks bolted directly to chassis, without any sort of insulating “rubber mounts” – take note this would only “vibrate”, not “move” wheel rim left-right. Given our gaming controllers are effectievly “1DOF” device – ie. able to move only left or right, we are shaping this vibration such that it can be felt on them too.

IMPORTANT: Custom Force Feedback profiles may be affected by code changes to the FFB system and not work as before the update. If you find that is the case consider sticking to the default profile until the author of the custom alternative updates his version.


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