New update: BMW E46 and V8 Engine!

Hello, Drift21 community!

In today’s update, we have some new features for you. First of all, please welcome the European king of drifting tracks – BMW E46! You can build your car from scratch, or use some of the presets we have prepared in the Quick Race mode.

If you were lacking power before, you should now have enough of it. There is a powerful V8 engine waiting for you in the warehouse, which after tuning, easily delivers over 1000 horsepower! There are also bug fixes in the update that have been reported by the community.

We encourage you to check out all the new features and changes that we have implemented: NEW UPDATE rev 15183 – BMW E46 and V8 Engine!

This is not the end of the new features we are planning for September. This month you will test your skills on a completely new track. At the same time, we are working hard on multiplayer mode.

We are also constantly gathering feedback from players about the new driving model. Our goal is to further develop and improve this aspect of the game. That’s why we ask you to share with us your comments on the Steam forum or in private messages on the game’s Facebook page.

See you on track!


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