Fanatec PlayStation Xbox 家庭用ゲーム

PS4 wheels compatible to PS5!

Today, Playstation finally made the announcement you were waiting for for such a long time.

Your Fanatec wheel bases and racing wheels which are officially PS4 licensed will be compatible to the new PS5!

This is a consumer friendly and important decision and makes sure that you can continue to use your valuable equipment for a very long time.

Microsoft already made a similar announcement so all current console products in our portfolio are future proof.

I can also tell you that we are in close contact with Polyphony so it is very likely that our wheels will be fully supported by GT7 from day 1.

Fanatecのというより、PS4の周辺機器はPS5でも使えると発表されたようです。Xbox Series Xも従来機種の周辺機器は対応のようですし。ハードが変わって周辺機器買いなおしとかありえないよね。ハンコンは10万、20万の周辺機器なわけで、昔みたいにXbox純正ハンコン12000円とかではない。正しい選択だと思います。

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