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In yet more Assetto Corsa news, Italian giants Ferrari have announced a new Esport series that will include the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo as exclusive content for participants.

Ferrari Hublot Esports Series debuts September.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo will be a series exclusive new car.

・Categories for PRO and AM drivers.

In a special press announcement earlier today, featuring lead Ferrari Formula One driver Charles Leclerc, the iconic Ferrari brand have announced their next official venture into the world of esport racing. The Ferrari Hublot Esport Series is set to debut over the course of the coming months, beginning this September, with pre-entries opening on August 7th for European residents over 18-years of age.

Assetto Corsaですが、Ferrari 488 Challenge Evoでのシリーズ戦をフェラーリがやるらしい。でもEU在住の18歳以上が対象。参加できないにしても、クルマ欲しいのでプレエントリーに申し込んでみたが、どうなることやら。

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