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Assetto Corsa Competizione | V1.5.2 Now Available

v1.5.2 Changelog


Added a minimum pitstop time of 1 second for stop&go-style mandatory stops.


Realtime widget: fixed inaccurate gap values versus cars in pitlane during race sessions.

Realtime widget: fixed incorrect gaps to cars ahead of the focused car when there are cars in pitlane in between and reduced likelihood of gap spikes.

Realtime widget: cars in pitlane are now filtered during non-race sessions if the focused car is on track.

Realtime widget: more accurate gap calculation for cars stopped on track.

Removed automatic brake change check in the MFD Pitstop strategy unless the brakes are worn out.

SetupPage: added “use current pressures” button in the pit strategy panel which copies the current setup’s tyre pressures to the currently active pit strategy.


Added direct-to-page bindings for MFD: realtime, standings, electronics and pitstop. In multiclass mode the standings binding will cycle between overall and class standings.

MFD direct-to-page bindings support long-press hiding like the MFD cycling binding.

Re-evaluated combined bindings (using the shift binding) on press, should fix situations when binding a shifted button would also trigger the unshifted binding (e.g. look left-right).


Minor fixes on the Ginetta custom designs.


Fixed additional BoP values resetting on driver swaps.

Rejoining now is blocked as intended if the server is running out of grid slots, preventing double assignments.

Fixed grid position mismatches in situations where many unique cars connect/disconnect during Q sessions.

Endurance sessions with huge grids (> 48 cars with teams) now receive the session results without issue.

Fixed a bug where the last drivers couldn’t join during endurance sessions with huge grids (> 48 cars with teams).

Realtime widgetの変更は気になるな。でも、キャリアの次のレースがSpa24Hなんで、一体何時間走ることになるのか不安。仕事終わりで走れる時間なのかなぁ。

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