RaceRoom Racing Experience | DTM 2020 Confirmed

In something of a surprise announcement, Sector3 Studios have confirmed the DTM will be returning to RaceRoom Racing Experience, with the 2020 grid set to join the simulation.

Having worked closely with DTM organisers ITR in previous years, Sector3 Studios and the German race series parted company after the 2016 car pack joined the sim – seemingly bringing an end to a popular content stream that includes 2013, 14, 15 alongside a select number of historic machines from the history of the category.

With esports very much back in vogue following the Covid-19 enforced hiatus of real racing, RaceRoom has very much been the simulation of choice for various DTM themed esport racing events – and it looks like these activities in recent weeks have rekindled the relationship between both companies – leading to a very, very welcome return of the category in RaceRoom Racing Experience.


情報源: RaceRoom Racing Experience | DTM 2020 Confirmed

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